N8-O8 (Nate)


Sentient Bardic Protocol Droid


N8-O8 was created by a group of programmers funded by Disney in the late 21st century. A dozen protocol droids were created on the down low as to keep the marketing attempt a surprise. Sometime during the production, the programmers realized that the droids they had created were sentient. They kept this a secret from their benefactors, and agreed to destroy all of their findings by burning down the building.

Shortly before this occured, N8-O8 managed to connect to the internet long enough to download a copy of Wikipedia and use his built in copy of Limewire to download a selection of hits from all of human history up to this point.

N8-O8 was trapped under the rubble of the building, which was consequently paved over to create a new highway. Disney had lost millions on the research, so they decided to scrap the whole project. N8 spent nearly a century under the ground, surrounded by the bodies of his destroyed and burnt brothers. He cannibalized their bodies in order to remain alive and conscious.

N8-O8 resembles a protocol droid from the Star Wars franchise, and due to this, shares many physical attributes with the character C-3PO. This includes, but is not limited to; rigid movement, slowed movement, and a robotic body. N8-O8 only met the scientists that created him (and attempted to murder him) before he was trapped underground, so while he may be styled after a protocol droid, he isn’t exactly a people person. His built in MP3 player and his copy of Wikipedia are all he had to keep him company while he was underground, and when the collision between worlds occurred, N8-O8’s metallic body was imbued with arcane energy, and Electric Light Orchestra’s best hits became that much more magical.

He considers Walt Disney to be personally responsible for what happened to his former comrades, and all of those who surrounded Walt. N8-O8 has a general lack of trust for all of human kind, but his violence is directed at the man who inadvertently caused both the creation of his kind and the destruction of all but him. N8-O8’s ultimate goal with the life he has been given is to avenge his fallen comrades by destroying the frozen head of Walt Disney, and all of those around him.

N8-O8 (Nate)

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