The year is 2119 AD, or 1591 DR. It has been 50 years since the two worlds have merged and coexistence is beginning to spark. No one quite knows why the world of magic and monsters has come crashing together with the world of technology, all anybody knows is that this is how life will continue and they need to find a way to make it work.

      Your adventure takes place 50 more years after the merge. You and your closest friends must find your own way through the complex and chaotic world that has been created by helping those who are lost and confused, or by exploiting the weakness of those who are unable to make their way in this hectic world. 


So pretty much for making your characters you guys are able to make whatever you want. they can be from this world or the fantasy one.  just make sure your back-story works with the character. Write down any back-story and character details that you want other people to know on the "Characters" tab. Everyone will be starting off at level 5.  I can work with you on making a character if you don't quite know how to make a concept work. Also for each character i want you guys to add two traits and one drawback.


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